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If you didn't have a chance to attend Flutter Live in London, or to watch the live feed, in this issue I've provided links to the presentations, code demos and tools.

If you have the time, I'd recommend watching the entire day's events from the keynote to the AskFlutter live Q&A. For the two minute summary, check out Timothy Jordan's Top 5 recap. If you prefer to read about the event, Tim Sneath, Group Product Manager for Flutter, does a nice job summarizing the event: Flutter 1.0: Google’s Portable UI Toolkit.

There were several significant announcements (with more details in the links below):

  • It's official, Flutter 1.0 is here.
  • Hummingbird, Flutter for the Web.
  • Flutter desktop embedding, Flutter on Windows, MacOS, and Linux.
  • Flutter embedding on small scale devices.
  • New developer tools.

To wrap up how we all got here, Eric Seidel, one of the co-founders of the Flutter project, shares how years ago, ideas from the Chrome project to make development easier and user experiences better, lead to Flutter.

It was an excellent event all the way around, many thanks to all those behind the scenes that made this possible!

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— Flutter Developer Profile —

Hillel Coren - Co-founder of InvoiceNinja and It's All Widgets

Tell us about yourself.
I grew up in New York but now live in Israel. My first experience with programming was the day I found QBasic on my family's computer. I started coding professionally when I was about 20 and almost 20 years later I still love what I do. Most of my experience is with web dev but it's been fun switching to mobile since starting with Flutter.

What was it about Flutter that got you interested?
For us the main incentive was having a single codebase for two platforms. I'm the co-founder of Invoice Ninja, we're an extremely small company with just two developers. Being able to go from three codebases down to two has had a major impact on our productivity.

How did the idea for It's All Widgets and the subsequent podcast come about?
About six months ago I had the idea to work on a podcast. Thomas Burkhart came up with the name "It's All Widgets!" but at the time Simon Lightfoot and Scott Stoll were already working on one. Rather than let a good domain go to waste we decided to team up and pivot to creating a site to list Flutter apps. Since finishing the development for the site I've had enough free time to return to the podcast idea.

Favorite Flutter plugins, tips or tricks?
A recent tip I just read on Twitter is to try to always create widgets rather than use private functions to break up a complex UI. When using widgets the framework is able to determine whether or not the existing widget element can be reused, if you use functions this optimization isn't possible. Read more on Stackoverflow from Rémi Rousselet and check out his functional_widget as an interesting alternative to have it all.

Your Twitter bio mentions you're a musician. I'm intrigued...
I find coding to be very similar to music. With programming if you understand the theory switching to a new language is just about learning the syntax. I'm fascinated by music theory and have found by learning one instrument I've been able to more easily pick up other ones. My main instrument is the electric bass but I like to pretend to play others as well.

How can other Flutter developers connect with you?
Blog, @hillelcoren, Github.

Photo: Hillel relaxing at his sister's house and playing at Banjo Jim's opening for Ollabelle.