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Welcome to Issue #2!

The Flutter devs who created It's All Widgets have started a podcast! Hosted by Hillel Coren, Flutter developers will have an opportunity to share what they're working on and provide their perspective on Flutter.

On a related note, I've added a section at the bottom of this newsletter which offers a brief profile of a Flutter developer. I hope you enjoy the insight into other devs in the Flutter community.


— Coding —

Animations in Flutter

The Basics of Flutter Animations
There's many things to understand when working with animations. If this is new to you, Sergi Martínez provides all the information you need to get started, highlighting key concepts that are the foundation as you look to create more complex animations. Sergi is the author of Flutter Weekly, another good resource for Flutter.

Deeper Dive into Animations
Didier Boelens does a deep dive into the three pillars of working with animations: Ticker, Animation and AnimationController. The goal is to create a unique guillotine menu, that swings down into place. You'll find plenty of code, charts and detailed explanations.

Animating Flutter Widgets with Sidekicks
If you like the effect when using the Flutter Hero widget, you'll want to check out the Sidekick widget created by Romain Rastel. This widget is heavily based on the Hero widget, yet designed to create similar transitions within the same screen. The animations are very nice, check it out.

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— Flutter Developer Profile —

Iiro Krankka - Creator of inKino, Flutter and Web App

Tell us about yourself
I started programming as a hobby back in 2004. I got more serious about the whole thing 5 years ago while learning Android and Java. I've also played around with a little bit of web, iOS, Xamarin, React Native and other stuff. I think it's quite awesome that I get paid to do the hobby that I've loved for over half of my life.

What was it about Flutter that got you interested?
The ease of building customized UIs and testing support, especially headless widget testing. All the APIs felt well designed, documented and stable, even though Flutter had just reached alpha. After having done native Android development for 5 years, the fact that testing is a first-class citizen in Flutter, and not a hack, made me feel warm inside.

The inKino multi-platform Flutter and web project, looks interesting. What was the motivation for the project?. InKino is essentially a showcase app for good multiplatform Dart project structure. It started as me scratching my own itch, but then I decided to open source it, so that other people could learn from it as well. I had been curious about code sharing between web and mobile ever since Kotlin Multiplatform was first announced, so it was quite interesting one to do.

Any favorite Dart/Flutter tips or tricks?
If you check your pubspec.lock to version control, you can safely set all dependency versions to any in your pubspec.yaml. This way, you can just run pub upgrade (and do it early and often) to easily keep all your packages up to date. It is also quite handy when you're upgrading Dart or Flutter and run into some dependency conflicts.

Anything interesting or unusual that few people may know about you?
I graduated from a cookery school 3 years ago, so I don't have a degree in this programming stuff. I got quite lucky by being interested in programming as a hobby at such an early age. Thanks to that, it was quite easy for me to switch careers and get employed when I realized I wasn't going to be the next Gordon Ramsay.

How can other Flutter developers connect with you?
Blog, @koorankka, Lirokrankka.com and herokrankka.com both work too (Easter Egg included).

Photo was taken in Helsinki, Iiro is in the middle.