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Welcome to the first issue of The Flutter Report!

Let me provide a little background information on how this all started...

I've been developing mobile applications since 2001, with a focus on iOS beginning in 2008. With all the technologies I've seen come and go, Flutter stands out in the crowd. The development cycle is second to none, APIs are well thought-out and documented, and application performance is exceptional.

I attribute my quick ramp up to the many developers that have taken time to write blog posts, create videos and share their code. This newsletter is an opportunity for me to contribute to the community by curating links to content that I think other devs will find helpful.

To kick things off, this issue will focus primarily on the 30,000 foot view. I'll dive deeper in the next issue. I hope you'll join me on this journey.

Comments, feedback and suggestions are always welcome.


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— Until Next Time —

Here are a few more links to keep you going until the next issue.

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Language Tour
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